Do you know the difference between other work shoes and Lupos? It’s simple!
Lupos creates shoes designed by workers for workers.

Our laboratories have developed safety footwear especially designed to combat the fatigue experienced by workers whose jobs entail standing in one location for long periods with little chance to sit or move position.

Do your legs feel tired and heavy? Do you have lower back, joint or neck pain? Poor circulation?

No problem, Lupos has developed a product tailored to your needs that has a positive effect on your body!


The constant use of Lu-Carpet technology reinvigorates areas affected by stress.

Its strength lies in its core technology featuring a revolutionary BASF compound, used for anti-fatigue matting, which absorbs and relieves body stress; reducing the trauma caused by working at a workstation for extended periods of time.

Lupos shoes with Lu-Carpet technology are so much more than just work shoes.

This new material, completely free from harmful substances, stimulates and activates the circulation and provides relief to the lower back, joints and neck; ensuring a high level of comfort and balance, reducing body strain in the workplace.
It’s the beginning of a new era, an era of change.

The choice is yours!

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